Klatu Fiest

Half-Elf Ranger


Klatu grew up in the hills west of the Irithiphriam village of Berthomieu, tilling the fields with his father. Tasked with taking the year’s harvest to the Captial City of Vanimavaivavasa to be turned in for Gold, Klatu stopped for the night at an inn just south of Vivepennerviot. There he met Stiglets, who offered him the opportunity to make double what he would earn from the harvest – and all he had to do was help him deliver a small package. With a little reluctance, Klatu joined Stiglets and they continued on to the capital city.

Continuing their journey, they walked on toward MontCaf of Mount Trinitas and met Percephone standing in the road. She joined their party as well, and on they went. They solved the riddle of the Invisible Maze, the terrors within and the guardian at it’s top. When they reached MontCaf, they tried to open the package and see what was inside – but it seemed to be magically sealed. Out of frustration, they threw it into MontCaf. Still nothing happened, and Klatu jumped in to find the small box. He found it open at the bottom of the spring, with a black goo seeping out of it. He had the continents of the box thrown on him by Stiglets.

He and Percephone returned to The City and wasted a lot of time recovering from injuries sustained trying to fly down the cliff-face of Mount Trinitas. A random elf approached Klatu thinking he had the Black Death, which he assumed had something to do with the small package. They set out to learn about the black death as Klatu’s health failed him daily. He made it to Lancastur on a lead that there was an expert on the plague there; however, they failed to find him and-so met up with Tannin Galandel in Lewis Hill.

Then one day, the party found a note signed by Klatu stating he had gone off to find his destiny.

His current where-abouts are unknown, but if he doesn’t get help soon, he will die.

Klatu Fiest

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