Divine Dragon of Water


Thellassa resembles a colossal dragonfly. She deviates from a dragonfly from the neck up. From there it looks like three oversized barnacles on top of eachother, the top one is Thellassa’s head. She has one eye nestled between the top of her beak and the shell of her head.

She has two sets of wings, the medial set is longer and larger than her lateral set. Her wings areglossy and transparent.


Thellassa is said to be the Divine Dragon that was the first to come from the Creator’s eyes. She is the metaphysical essence of Love and Peace, and the physical essence of water. She worked alongside Tarmus to sculpt the continents and the oceans’ valleys.

She was seen rising from Lake Laser and climbing Gaudemente. Shortly there after, an unknown force blasted her off of Mount Trinitas, and she sank into Lake Lasse.


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