Ulfgar Ungart

Son of Poongar, whose mother was Koochgar


a stout dwarf in the yomeine valley.


The sailor-mouthed, one-of-a-kind Ulfgar Ungart, Son of Poongar and Koochgar. He is a war hero from centuries ago. He drove back the Halfling invaders and chased drow back into their holes. Inspired by his prowess in the war, it is common to see modern day dwarves wearing pink thongs into battle and to paint their shields in rainbow stripes.

A personal upset with the Tarmussian Priests shattered Ulfgar’s confidence in the dwarven faith, and he silently withdrew from the Mountains and sought solitude in Irithiphriam. He settled down in the seldom-traveled Yomeine Valley, where his biggest problems were the giants and where he would get his scotch and brandy for the week. The dwarf that he is, he made a smithy for himself and is living a content a solitary life.

Ulfgar Ungart

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