Third to come from the breath of the Creator, Dwarfs are a stout and hardy folk, and very devout in their faith.

Dwarfs inhabit a large space of real estate in Mountains through out the land of Lidea, south of Irithiphriam.

Dwarfs are raised speaking Dwarven, but as all civilized races, pick up a useful bit of Common. Dwarven has it’s own runic alphabet.

Dwarven Mountains

  • Thorgrin – Dwarven Capitol and Religious Hotspot. It is the home to the famous Seven Springs.
  • Obsidian
  • Orest-Vonral – Orest is the entrance mountain to Vonral.
  • Obscure Mount
  • Norion
  • Motar
  • Granite’s Hold – The grand mountain that overlooks Tubbsen and Cierley.
  • Epic Mount

Notable Dwarfs

*Ulfgar Ungart – War veteran in the Yomeine Valley
*Berulius Ogrin – (unwritten)
*Olaf Slatingot – (unwritten)


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