Fourth of the Creator’s breath, Halflings are easily overlooked, due to their small stature. But most prefer it this way. Better to get away or strike an unknowing enemy from behind.

Halfings have their own language: Halfling, tho few outsiders hear it. Halfing doesn’t have an alphabet, so when a halfling has to write something, they often just write it in Common, which they also (conveniently) all know as well.

Halfling Lands

Halflings live in the land of Lidea, which they have divided into provinces.

  1. Aguirre
  2. Cierley
  3. French Fields
  4. Goodwyn
  5. Harding
  6. Lancastur
  7. Lewis Hill
  8. Norman
  9. Pennington Patch
  10. Thornerby
  11. Tubbsen
  12. Wilkerson Beach

Notable Halflings

*Blarthony – Owner of a vessel that often fairs travelers to and from VallaThellassa. Due to an unfortunate accident, his left leg has been replaced with a little halfing boy.
*Dwimble Took -
*Nimlock -


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