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The Story Thus Far

The world has been at war since ancient times. The only race you can call an ally is your own.

From distant lands, prophetic words have been sent forth of a looming doom, and in the country of Irithiphriam, something devious is unfolding that threatens to destroy the country, and if left unchecked, the whole continent.


There are six core races. They are the Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and lastly Orcs. There are also Half-Elves and Drow that make appearances. Giants are also known to inhabit the mountainous regions to the north of Irithiphriam.

The World

This world has two main continents. Irithlandeas to the east and Dysmeg to the west. There is one long-thin land bridge that connects the two continents. The world has three Portcullises that act as rapid transmit hubs to different parts of the world.

World Faiths

The world’s faiths seem to be knit together. The established faiths all acknowledge the same One Creator, but where they differentiate is in how they worship and serve the Creator. The Divine Dragons are the tangible representation into the imageless Creator. While one Sect’s understanding of the Creator’s character is Love, another will see Wrath, or Passion, or Prophecy. While each sect acknowledges the other sects as legitimate, there are very few believers that preach or practice gleaning from the other sects – as most teach it distracts from gaining insight to that particular sect’s focus on the Creator.

For giggles, here are the rolls I had laid out for Mae’s misfired spells.

Main Page

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