The sixth race to come from the breath of the creator, Orcs are a strong and tribal people. Sadly, they are not tremendously endowed in smarts, but what they lack in brain-power, they more than make up in physical duress and their strong social ties.

Orcs thrive in the wide planes of Awmahk

Notable Orcs

  • Spinehide Kittysquisher – known as “The Beast” war chief, he led his tribe in their conquest of the human and gnomish lands for 10 years before gnome assassins poisoned his water.
  • Bash Wristquiver – known for his prowess in the battle field, with his seemingly wild but violent battle methods, his mere presence on the field made the swords in his enemies’ hands quake. Fell from excessive arrows at the hands of Kalian Aldadel


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