Order of Thellassa

The temple for this order can be found on the island of VallaThellassa in Eastern Lidea. They look to Thellassa to learn and model their lives after the character of the Creator.

Thellassian Philosophy

In Thellassa’s hands are Love and Peace. Since it was water that first flowed out of the Creator’s open eye, so it is the devout follower of Thellassa’s aspiration to first master the art of letting love and peace flow out of their hearts like water. Thellassians preach that love is not to be flippantly given, lest it be taken advantage of, and that peace is like a pond with in one’s being that, despite external forces, remains placid. Hate and Insecurity are the bain of love and peace.

The Temple

Located on VallaThellassa, it has much commerce with the local halfling lands. Halflings from Lewis Hill frequent the island. The building itself is of decent size. Located on the western edge of the island, it has three main sections: the Waterfall Sanctum, the Sanctuary, and the priests and fryer’s abbots.

  1. Waterfall Sanctum
    1. This large, round room has a large, shallow pool in it’s center.
    2. The pool is fed by a waterfall at the wall opposite the two doors that enter the room.
    3. The adjacent walls are filled with holy pictorial-manuscripts and scrolls on Thellassian philosophy.
    4. It is in the pool that the head priest will sit in the water to wait to be instructed, taught or at best, enlightened.
    5. It is said that some head priests have been known to commune with Thellassa herself by their connection with the water.
  2. Sanctuary
    1. this is the main entry way into the Temple.
    2. it has two large copper doors that lead outside.
    3. on the opposing side, it has two side-by-side doors that lead into the Waterfall Sanctum.

Order of Thellassa

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